Present Perfect.

Task 1. Watch the video 1.
Task 2. Watch the video 2.
Task 3. Watch the video episode
Task 3 - song
00:00 / 00:00
Task 4. Learn the rule.
Task 5. Watch the episode and complete the tasks.
Task 6. 
Task 7. Learn the rule and complete the tasks.
Task 7.1
Task 7.2
Task 7.3
Task 8. Watch the videos
Task 8.1. Watch the episode "You’ve won!" 
Task 8.2. Answer the questions
1. Do Zadie and Bella know how to drive a go-kart
2. Does Josh know how to drive
3. Why does Zadie say 'Emm, it's OK. thanks Josh'?
4. What does the loser of the race have to do?
Task 8.3 What has happened Josh
a. He's crashed his car
b. He's still racing
Watch and check.
Task 8.4
Task 8.5
Task 8.6
Task 9. Look at the photos. Where's Josh and Adam? What are they buying?
Watch the episode "A present for Bella" 
Task 10.  Match the sentence halves a-e to 1-5.
1. The friends         a. suggests that they buy a horror story.
2. Adam                  b. is a vegetarian.
3. Josh                     c. isn't at the bookshop.
4. Bella                    d. are going to celebrate Bella's birthday
5. Zadie                   e. was at primary school with  Bella.
Task 11. Does Bella buy the cookbook? Watch and check.
Task 12. Put the expressions into the correct groups.
Monday, two weeks, last weekend, July, an hour, three years, one's o'clock, ages, I was five years old.
For: ________________________
Since: _______________________
Task 13. Complete the sentences with for or since.
1. Adam has known Bella _____ eight years.
2. Jish has known Adam ______ he was twelve.
3. Bella hasn't played tennis _______ two years.
4. Adam and Josh have been  in the bookshop  _____ three o'clock. 
Task 14.
Task 15.
Task 16.
Task 17.Write down in the comments a question for a classmate. Your classmate answers the question and asks his question to the next speaker.After receiving the answer to your question, write in the comments about your classmate.
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