Gustav Ar - American
Born in southern New York in the Ronkonkoma village in 1996.
 As a child, Gustav had difficulty communicating with his peers; he considered them stereotypical and boring. The boy grew up withdrawn and loved solitude, the school evoked longing and rejection.

After the separation of the parents, the tendency to depression and melancholy doubled, a 14-year-old teenager was expelled from college for poor performance and quarrels with classmates. The only person who understood Gustav was mom. Lisa, an elementary school teacher, even did homework for the boy. Thanks to my mother, Aru was allowed to study at home and pass exams on the Internet, so Gustav received a school certificate. After the parents divorced, Lil Peep did not communicate with his father, a professor at Harvard University, without forgiving him for betrayal.

The idea to rap and make music came in the hours of the usual depression, when a bad mood was looking for a way out. Technical savvy and creativity “gave birth” to a beatmaker who performed under the pseudonym Lil Peep. Gustav later admitted that his “little peep” was called by his mother. At first, Lil Peep read rap, but six months later he realized that he would be lost among thousands of rapper guys. Therefore, he developed his own style by mixing emo music with hip-hop, rap and trap. The novice musician went to computer courses and mastered the music programs. Gustav's classes were approved by his relatives - mom, brother and grandmother. Their support, according to Lil Pip, helped the formation and self-determination. At 14, the son confessed to his mother love: on her mother’s birthday, she made the first tattoo on her arm - knocked out her birth date and initials. The creation of the individual style of the pioneer of the new rap school Lil Peep was influenced by the work of the group GothBoiClique. As a teenager, Gustav enthusiastically listened to musicians and did not suspect that after 3-4 years he would join them and move to Los Angeles. The countdown in the creative biography of Lil Peep happened in 2015. The debut mixtape called Lil Peep: Part 1, consisting of 11 tracks, attracted the attention of music lovers, and the compositions Awful Things, The Way I See Things, Benz truck and White wine gained millions of views on YouTube.
The first success inspired Lil Peep to create new mixtapes: in December 2015, the performer presented to fans of Live Forever, and in January of the following year he presented California and Vertigo mixtapes. In mid-2016, he recorded Crybaby and Hellboy.

All compositions are thoroughly saturated with thoughts of suicide, the mortality of existence and the perishability of being. Uncomplicated texts about the departed girls and drug intoxication are present in each composition of Lil Peep.

Hellboy mixtape appeared in September 2016 and consists of 16 tracks. A video appeared on Girls' song exposing gender stereotypes, and in the OMFG track “Crybaby” talks about fatigue and the desire to commit suicide.
In June 2017, Lil Peep via Instagram presented the debut album Come Over When You're Sober and went on a tour to promote it.
With a growth of 1.92 meters, the Lil Peep weighed 68 kg. Bright appearance and growing popularity attracted crowds of fans to the rapper. But the guy had enough critics. Pip got used to misunderstanding and increased his “armor” from hackers' hops, but remained vulnerable and prone to frequent depression.
The first unsuccessful love story left a deep wound in Leela’s heart: after breaking up with the girl, the musician bypassed the beauties for six years. A corresponding tattoo appeared on the rapper’s stomach - the word LOVE with a sad smiley instead of the letter “O”, and a broken heart on his cheek.

But in 2017, next to Lil, they saw a dark-haired girl, whose name - Laila - he knocked out on his forearm. Fans saw a photo of the chosen one Lil Peep on his page on Instagram. In August 2017, Gustav Ar on Twitter declared himself bisexual.
Lil Peep never hid drug addiction. Earlier on Instagram, Ar called himself a “productive junkie.”
The artist died on the night of November 16, 2017. The rapper died at the age of 21. The cause of death is called an overdose of a fake sedative and opioid analgesic fentanyl.

Death occurred on a tour bus. Friends took Lil Peep to the nearest hospital, but they could not save the guy. One of Lil Peep’s most recent Instagram posts:

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