XXXTentacion is a popular 21st century American rapper. The real name of the rapper Jasay Dwayne Onfroy. The young guy is known for his rebellious nature and criminal past. Jaise repeatedly went to jail, but this only contributed to his work and growth in popularity. Born January 23, 1998 in the hot state of Florida near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. He spent his childhood in the small town of Pompano Beach. From a very young age, he was included in the lists of programs for working with problem youth. All this happened due to an unpleasant incident. A stranger attacked his mother and tried to beat her, but at that time a six-year-old child took a knife and attacked the enemy. Although this act was done well-intentioned, he was put on the police list. After that, our hero’s aunt forced him to join a school and then church choir. A few months later, the guy was kicked out. At one of the concerts, he started a fight with another student. As a result, the school’s directorate, in which he studied, was unable to turn a blind eye to the serious misconduct of his ward and expelled him. . Six months later, he again kicked out for poor performance and conflict behavior. In this period of his life, his acquaintance with music begins. It was from this moment that our hero began to write his first songs and try himself as a performer. After being expelled from a boarding school for Christian youth, Onfroy continued his studies at the local Piper High School. Here he studied until the 10th grade and dropped out of school. Life on the street bore fruit, the guy began to sell and use drugs, kept weapons, stole cars and armed raids. This led him to his work. In 2014, when he turned 16 years, he was sent to a juvenile prison for theft and other criminal activities, but this did not greatly affect his correction and education. Here he made new friends and became actively involved in hip hop. The personal life of the rapper, like the public, did not work out in a healthy way. Despite the high popularity in his heart there was only one girl named Geneva. Despite the warm feelings between the lovers, conflicts often arose, which led to assault. She did not differ much from her lover, used narcotic substances and often cheated on him while intoxicated. That is why she often suffered from Onfroy, and sometimes such beatings brought serious injuries, but continued to live together.

One fine evening, a scandal broke out between them, the neighbors got tired of enduring it, and they called the police. Upon arrival at the apartment, the servants saw a battered girl; later it turned out that she was in a pregnancy position. The musician is taken away and put in a cell for pre-trial detention until the circumstances are clarified. At this time, the Internet was developing a real war for the release of your favorite artist. Fans supported Onfroy, and ASAP Rocky rappers led the rescue movement. The case received a great response among the public and the hashtag “#FreeX” gained popularity in the Internet space.

The prosecutor thoroughly admitted to building the charge. He was awarded a violation of parole and violence against his girlfriend, as well as intimidation of witnesses.

The police planned to put the guy in jail for 10 years, but once again he came out of the water dry. By this time, Geneva had taken the police statement and refused the charge. The conclusion did not last long; after six months he was released on bail for freedom.

After this incident, there is no information about his private life. Perhaps he reconnected with his woeful girlfriend and their strange relationship resumed, but this is only the guesses of the fans.

Soon the sheriff appointed a reward of 3 thousand dollars for any information about who killed. Many musicians and media personalities responded to the terrible event. They tweeted about a serious loss and wished him to rest in peace. After the funeral, the famous Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker posted his regrets on the social network. They repeatedly collaborated and worked on the material together.

The opinions of people were divided, many did not approve of his asocial lifestyle and criticized the meritorious publications about his person. At that time, he was supposed to be under house arrest, but the investigation softened the circumstances and allowed him to walk freely along the street. If you look from the side of karma, then he got what he so sought. Perhaps the same embittered world guy decided to make money on his death.

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