Task 1. Watch the video and learn new words.
Task 2. Look at the pictures, listen to the audio. Learn new phrases. Read the roles.
Task 2 - 2
Task 3. Listen to the audio "Communication Directions" and do the exercise.
I'm looking for a library. - Я ищу библиотеку.
How can I get to the ...? - Как я могу добраться до...?
Is it far? - Это далеко?
Task 3 - 2.51
Task 4. Look at the picture, answer the question. Listen to the audio. Learn new words.
Task 4.1.
Task 4 - 2.40
Task 4.2.  Look at the map of the city
above and add prepositions in the gaps
in sentences.
Task 4 - 2.42
Task 5. Watch the video episode "Is it far?". Where does the tourist want to go?
5.1.1 - 2.52
Task 5.1. Choose the correct answer. Then listen and check. Show the library on the map. Is it A, B or C?
Boy: Excuse me. I’m looking  for/to the library.
Girl: There’s a library  in/at North Street.
Boy: Where’s North Street? Is it far?
Girl: No, it isn’t. Go straight on/in, past the hotel. Then go/turn right. The library is  in/on the left, opposite the bank.
Task 5.3.
5.2 - 2.53
Task 5.2.
Task 5.4.Complete the dialogue with the words: straight, looking, me, on, turn, far.
Boy: Excuse_____. I’m ______  for the cinema. Is it______?
Girl: No it isn't. Go_______ on, past the science museum. Then ______ right. The cinema is _____ the left, opposite the park.
Task 6.Watch the episode and read the script. Learn new words and phrases.
Task 7.Listen to the song and answer the question: Why are they lost?
7 - 38
Task 8. 
Task 9. 
Watch the first video and answer the questions.
1. Where are Emma and her mom?
a) Buckingham Palace b) Piccadilly Circus
с) Globe Theatre
2.Where did the tourist want to go?
3. Where is the National Gallery?
4. How to get to Trafalgar Square?
a) Go to the globe Theater, it is next to Trafalgar square.
b) Go straight, turn right to Nelson's Column.
с) Go straight, turn left, it is opposite Nelson's Column .
Watch the second video and answer the question.
Why couldn't Emma help the tourist with the map?
a) The map is too old.
b) It's a map of another city. Which one?
c) There are mistakes in the map.
 Let's play! You choose a place on the map and write in the comments "We are near the theatre." How can I get to the...? Can you tell me the way to the ...? Your classmate writes the direction. Then he/she asks us how he/she can get to another place and so on...