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  • The legendary British singer, formerly a member of the Wham! George Michael was born June 25, 1963 in the UK, in the city of Finchley, which is located in North London. In fact, the name George Michael is nothing more than a stage name, since in reality the artist was named after Georgios Kyriakos Panayiot.
    In addition to George, the family had two more children - the sisters Melanie and Yoda, who were older than him. As a result of this, it was the sisters who were engaged in raising the child, since the parents did not have time for this because of the large employment at work.
    Michael wanted to become a star since childhood, literally from the age of 7, while playing the violin did not bring much pleasure, especially since he was left-handed. At that time, George repeated or tried to play all the tunes that he heard on the radio. The father did not share the hobbies of his son, unlike the mother, who provided the strongest support in his career and presented a voice recorder with recording function.
    Queen and Elton John had a strong influence on the singer and his subsequent style. A sharp turning point in life came after moving to the county of Hertfordshire, entering a new school and meeting Andrew Ridgeley, who had Egyptian roots. The meeting happened in 1975, Ridgeley was specially assigned to Michael to help him get comfortable. This was a turning point in the life of the artist.
    Instead of lessons, Michael, Ridgeley and mutual friend David Austin gathered at Green Park Underground station to entertain passengers with covers of Beatles, David Bowie songs and their own creations. Gradually, this grew into the formation of the band The Executive. In addition to those listed in the team were Andrew Leaver and Paul Ridgeley.
    This team was not particularly famous for releasing only one hit - Rude Boy. The group could not stay for a long time, but the participants managed to develop the foundation for the formation of Wham !, since during their work at The Executive many songs were created for future Wham! Albums.
    The famous pop duo was signed to the promising label Innervision Records, it happened in 1982. In the same period, the pseudonym “George Michael” was taken. The image of the group is rich burners of life, respectively, their work was aimed more at youth.
    A short break in creativity occurred at the end of 1983, and it lasted until May 1984. Until that time, a new image of the group was being developed, as well as work was underway on a new album, called Make It Big. He became popular within the UK, taking first places in various charts. The best creation from the album was the clip. It's about the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go clip, which has become a cult video.
    The next two years were the most successful for the group,
    Disagreements of George with the producers about the discrepancy of the imposed image of a hooligan teenager with his inner state of romance led to the breakup of the group, despite its peak in popularity. Albums of the collective ended on the disc “The Final”, which broke all sales records - they amounted to 40 million copies.
    As a solo singer, Michael made his debut in 1984 with the song “Careless Whisper”, but full-fledged solo performances began after the breakup of the group, in 1986. Then the Faith album was released, which received all the significant music awards of that year, including the Grammy.
    The second album, titled “Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1,” turned out to be not so successful.
    From that moment on, the career began to decline, and only six years later the album "Older" was released, which partially interested the audience in Europe. The best songs to note are Jesus To A Child and Fastlove. Next came only collections of the best songs, such as "Ladies And Gentlemen: The Best Of George Michael" in 1998 and as "Songs From The Last Century". That was in 1999.
    A relative breakthrough after the stagnation can be considered the release in 2003 of the scandalous video Freeek !, which was very expensive. The success of the video was the reason for the successful debut


    in 2004 of the album Patience. In 2006, for the first time in a decade and a half, the singer went on a world tour with concerts. In 2014, the sixth and final album, Symphonica, was released, the music of which pleased the fans.
    Hints of non-traditional sexual orientation arose long ago. Michael said he was afraid of how his family would react to this. In 1991, the singer had an affair with designer Anselmo Feleppa
    Hints indirectly confirmed in the album "Older". Around the same time, the image of Michael changed, he began to wear a short hairstyle and leather vestments. It was especially difficult in the mid-90s, when her mother passed away, and there were also attacks from the press.
    In 1998, the singer decided to make a public statement that he was gay. He had a relationship at that time with a businessman from Dallas, Kenny Goss. Unfortunately, subsequently their photos in tabloids became more interesting to people than songs, videos, albums or concerts.
    December 25, 2016 George Michael died in his own house, at the time of his death he was 54 years old. It

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