First Conditional

Task 1. Look at advert and photos  and answer the questions.
1. What are the friends doing? 
2. Have you aver have been a forest clean - up?
3. Do you think it's a good idea? Why/why not?
Task 2. Watch and answer the questions.
1. What do the children find in the forest?
2. Who feels tired?
3. What does Bella suggest?
Task 3.  What has happened to Bella's rucksack?
a.  Josh has put it in a bin bag.
b. An animal has taken it.
Watch and check.
Task 4.  Watch and read.
Task 5.  What does Adam say about the environment Match the sentence halves a-e to 1-5. 

1. If I see rubbish in the street,

2. If we don’t recycle paper,

3. If my parents don’t turn off the light,

4. If we take a quick shower,

5. If I go shopping with my mum,


a. We won’t waste a lot of water.

b. People will cut down more trees.

c. I’ll put it in a bin.

d. I’II remind them to save energy.

e. I’II take a few bags with me.

6 - 3/8
00:00 / 00:00
Task 6.  Complete the chain stories with the correct form of the verbs. Then listen and check.
Task 6.  Write sentences using First Conditional. 
Task 7. Watch the episode "It’s a deal!"  and find First Conditional in the dialogue

Where are  Zadie and Adam going this afternoon ?
Does Bella want to go?
Task 8. 

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