Ellie Golding is an English singer and songwriter. She gained notoriety after taking the top spot in the BBC Sound of 2010 poll and won the critics ' Choice award at the BRIT Awards in 2010. Elena Jane Golding was born on December 30, 1986 in the South-East of England in the city of Herefordshire, located in the center of the County. The singer's father, Arthur Golding, was a hereditary undertaker, and her mother, Tracy, was a salesman.The artist's childhood was spent in an atmosphere of constant need and deprivation. Despite the fact that parents took on any job, money for the maintenance of four children was sorely lacking. From the biography of the famous singer, it is known that in her school years, Golding was a real hooligan. The young rebel skipped classes and brought teachers to nervous breakdowns. In order to rein in the stray daughter, her mother sent her to a music school in the clarinet class. The girl was captivated by the illusory world of sounds: at 14, the artist independently mastered the guitar, and at 15, she wrote her first song.After completing her high school diploma, Ellie went to Hereford College and then to the University of Kent for the Department of political science and English. Golding had a warm relationship with her classmates. Everyone was delighted with the charismatic beauty who participated in all the student concerts. However, teachers do not believe that Elena will be able to achieve something, considering her voice is not expressive enough. Soon, fate gave the ambitious blonde the opportunity to show herself in all its glory.


Trying to get a record deal for her debut album, Ellie moved to West London, where she was spotted by a Polydor Records representative. In 2009, the artist signed a contract to release her first record. After the release of the single "Under the Sheets", Golding became a major favorite of British music critics.The artist's next song was "Stary Eyed". To date, it is Golding's most successful single (number 4 in the UK chart and over 30 million views on YouTube). The album "Lights" debuted at the top of the UK national chart with a total of 37,000 copies sold in its first week in 2010.

Personal life

The first officially introduced boyfriend of the singer was BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James. The young people met long before the world knew about Ellie. At the very beginning of the relationship, the guy doted on the chosen one. According to Golding's own recollections, Greg literally and figuratively carried her in his arms. As time passed, the couple's idyll faded. The young man began to find fault with the once ideal lover. James no longer liked her cooking, her behavior, or her habits. It got to the point where he found fault with Golding's appearance.In late 2012-early 2013, the amorous piggy Bank of the charming blonde was replenished with short-term relationships with actor Jeremy Irwin, singer ed Sheeran and vocalist of the group one Direction Niall Horan. There were also rumors of an affair between Ellie Golding and Calvin Harris. The reason for the gossip was the video clip released in 2013 for the joint song "I Need Your Love", in which the artists appeared before the audience in the image of a couple in love walking on the beach.

Ellie Golding

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